JOBH Aprons go to Oaxaca

Posted by Deirdra Jones on

The wonderfully talented photographer Andrea Gentl (of Gentl and Hyers) recently went down to shoot for a few days in Oaxaca, Mexico. Lucky for us, she took along some JoBH Bond Street Bib Aprons! The photos that resulted are absolutely gorgeous, and we wanted to share them. Pictured are the bakers and chefs at Boulenc. Boulenc is a cafe, bakery, and provisions shop located in Oaxaca. 

 waxed cotton apron

Oaxaca Food, Boulenc

Boulenc Oaxaca

Boulenc Bread

Boulenc Oaxaca

Oaxaca Mushrooms

Boulenc Oaxaca

Boulenc Pizza

Boulenc Oaxaca


Gentle and Hyers:

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