2015 JoBH Restaurant Custom Projects

"It astonishes us that so many retailers hire the best architects to execute their shop or restaurant in the finest materials, stock it with meticulously chosen products and food, and then let staff stand around in leisurewear. Looking the part and good grooming are fundamental to any brand's identity; a uniform lends staff a consistent appearance and underlines the importance of their role in the service industry....But a uniform doesn't have to be formal; it's about looking good while imparting brand values."

-Monocle Magazine, issue 82, April 2015

Jones of Boerum Hill are pleased to offer our consulting and design services to all of our clients

A sampling of some of the custom projects we've done:


By Chloe uniform design


 Marcus Samuelsson apron streetbird


bartender apron torchlight

apron llama inn



dough doughnut uniform and apron design

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