Hit The Roof

Everyone needs a special place they can go to think. This is distinctively different than where one would go to clear their heads (gym, movie theater, park, or maybe just your car with loud music playing).
Small business owners especially need this particular space, where ideas can roam freely, and get bounced back and forth.
Here at Jones of Boerum Hill, we are lucky enough to have roof access atop the small brownstone where we live in Brooklyn. We are working out of our home studio while our apron headquarters get built, so having a separate spot to go, away from the piles of aprons, trims, fabric, and paperwork, is really important.
Our roof is nothing special: unfinished, sloped, and with that distinct NYC silver painted roofing. No fences or barriers, effectively just a roof. 
But, this is where we had some of our best ideas, and solved some of our biggest problems.
At the end of the day, we grab a couple of beers (craft, of course. It's Brooklyn, after all), and go up to re-cap the day, and discuss what's on tap for the next day.
Without this outlet, I think we would be in a very different position now. I highly recommend all small business owners make sure they find a spot of solitude, and take the time out every day or two to clear all of those ideas, roadblocks, questions out of your heads.
Watching the planes go by, the treetops rustling in the breeze, the sun set, and the stars start to peek out have a way of making our problems seem very small and insignificant. 
In the next few months, I will be blogging about our journey as our apron and workwear business continues to grow. 
We would love to hear about where your best ideas happen too. Please feel free to join the discussion on our social media, or in the comments.
D. Jones