Jones of Boerum Hill

About Us

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Jones of Boerum Hill is an apron & workwear company established in 2012 in Brooklyn. It is the brainchild of husband & wife team Iestyn & Deirdra Jones, who noticed a lack of well-made and stylish apron in their local pubs and restaurants. Starting with a small collaboration with Bubby's restaurant, JoBH now outfits many notable clients, including Eataly, Brooklyn artisanal doughnut maker Dough Doughnuts, and French perfume company Le Labo.  Jones of Boerum Hill aprons were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, sparking a wave of retail sales to home chefs and artisans across the globe. JoBH fills a void in the market for a workwear company to take a more fashion forward approach to uniforms and aprons. Deirdra comes from 7 years on the design and production team at Steven Alan. Iestyn hails from the UK, and has a strong background in sales and marketing.

Our Mission

At Jones of Boerum Hill, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible product to our customers. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a bartender, or a home chef, we want you to look & feel great in our workwear.

Our Product

Our aprons have been painstakingly designed with these things in mind. We have done extensive wash testing on the fabrics, stress testing on the hardware, and taken as much feedback as we can get. 
Because of our 10 years in the fashion industry in design and fit, we fill confident in saying that we offer the best aprons and workwear out there to make you look your best.
The process of developing and producing our products is very important to us, and we believe very strongly in only using ethically made goods for our products components.
We also strongly support the Made in USA (and specifically, NYC) movement. It's makes us happy to be a part of this community, and as a customer, we hope it makes you feel good too. It's important to support locally made products, especially when it comes to clothing. The way a lot of the 'fast fashion' (cheap) clothing is made these days is pretty horrible, both in terms of human rights, as well as environmental impact.

Our Guarantee

We believe we've got the best product out there, and will stand behind it. If you are not fully satisfied with your product, you can return it to us for a full refund or replacement. 
And, while our aprons are made to last, we are happy to try and repair any issues you've got with your apron (barring normal wear & tear). Ship it back, and we will see what we can do!